I’m sorry it took so long to write but have been very busy with my new job. But finally (12am) some time and not being able to sleep has given me the opportunity to write some stuff down on my first half marathon.

First off, OMG! 

21km is a long freaking way! (I will share the time further down ..)

Dubbo Stampede Half Marathon

Sarah and I drove up to Dubbo two weeks ago to enter in the Dubbo Stampede, half marathon. This was a very cool (and cold) course where you start and finish in the Dubbo Zoo! How cool is that?!

The race started on a Sunday but we arrived on a Saturday and did some exploring on a pushbike through the Zoo. This was pretty fun to do and it only took about an  hour and a half to cycle through the whole park.

I’m pretty sure we missed a few things here and there but we got a good idea how the course was actually laid out. Needless to say, you also do a large lap around the Zoo to make it a full 21km.

Dubbo Stampede Half Marathon

On race day we were both pretty anxious and also very eager to get started. The weather conditions were perfect -1 degrees at the starting line and was going to be about 9 to 10 degrees when finishing.

This was actually very cold to get stared but once warmed up (after 5km) it was great running weather. The track progressed great as a lot of the track was on softer turf.

There were a lot of waterstations all along the track, probably every 2km which was great to keep hydrated.



Pat Farmer

One of the ambassedors of the Dubbo Stampede was Pat Farmer. I’ve written about him in a previous post; 5 Inspirational (Ordinary) People Like You and Me! and he was at the 18km mark waiting for all the Half Marathon to come in and give them some last encouragement…. and I certainly needed that…

My knee was giving me some grief and sort of doing the half skipping thing, but Pat Farmer was an absolute champ and ran the last 2km’s with me giving me some motivation. He was absolutely awesome and his motivation is; ” It doesn’t matter how long you take, just as long as you finish”

Finish Time

Dubbo Stampede Half MarathonThe “battle” was a long and great experience. I had a blast doing running the race, and even better to finish.

Although, after 17km I didn’t really like feeling running another race again very soon as it was pretty intense.

The finish was a great experience as I felt super (relieved) proud of my time which


2  hours and 7 minutes!

Dubbo Stampede Half Marathon

The first few days I didn’t feel like running for a while but I bought some new running shoes and did my first run tonight (2 weeks later) which felt great.

How is your training going?

Keep it moving,