Finally, the day has arrived.

Tough Mudder day…

I’ve (and the team) have been living towards this moment for a few months now and have been doing various Tough Mudder Training workouts (you can download these for free here and here). About 25,000 people were going to flock towards Glenworth Valley in the Central Coast to be apart of this amazing weekend.

It certainly didn’t disappoint…

Tough Mudder Pledge
The Thundering Herd (our team name) was ready to take on the Tough Mudder pledge  (download plede here)

I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge.
I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.
I do not whine – kids whine.
I help my fellow Mudders complete the course.
I overcome all fears.

Tough Mudder Pledge

and to start the race with a disposable outfit. There was no limit to the amount of mud that was waiting for us and to be honest I’ve seen, sniffed and crawled through enough mud to last me a lifetime.

After more than a week, I’m still washing of mud… 

Anyway back to the course. We started off jumping in water and crawling through Mud. Underneath some barbwire which again was crawling through mud to then meet the ice bath. Water filled with ice which gives you that wake up call… if you weren’t awake already.

The long process of jumping / swimming through water, crawling through mud to then walk through water again has started. The obstacles were getting harder as the time went on. Berlin walls, larger berlin walls, running through fire patches, climbing / running up hills and monkey bars.

Don’t forget one of the most muddiest obstacles “Dirty Ballerina” which was one big mud fest and as the name suggests… a lot of graceful slips and slides. Since you are covered in mud and you can’t use your hands to clean your eyes, your team mates are there for you… Here is Nick cleaning his face on my (dirty) back. I’m pretty easy to spot with my blonde hair :)

Tough Mudder
There were two obstacles which we were fearing. This was “Mount Everest” followed by “Shock Therapy “. Even though we previously did a electricity obstacle (which hurt like hell… 11,000 volts … you get the idea).

Mount Everest was running up a ramp and holding on for dear life. There were a few other “mudders” on top already who helped the fellow mudders get over the mountain. Such a great feeling to be on top and see the finish line!

Tough Mudder Mount Everest

But between the finish line a cold beer and the orange Tough Mudder headband was one more obstacle.

Electroshock Therapy…  I’ve included a video of someone on the sidelines who was taking video’s of people trying to get through this last hurdle. Again it is 11,000 volts with a muddy surface…

This concludes the Tough Mudder experience 2012. The Thundering Herd got through the course in about 4 hours which was a great achievement from all of us. No bones were broken although we left some skin on various parts of the course. Below is the “after” picture and the result of 4 hours of Tough Mudder.. minus a few clothing pieces…

There is another great result coming from all this. Our skins have never looked so healthy :)

Tough Mudder 2012… done.

Tough Mudder best result